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Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security (DPTMS)

DPTMS Mission: Serves as the principle staff office responsible for the operation, oversight, and management of Fort AP Hill’s Regional Training Center, a training area complex capable of providing realistic combined arms and joint training for the nation’s Armed Forces and its allies. The training area complex consists of 76,000 acres dedicated to maneuver and live fire training; 28,000 acres of live fire ranges, 42,000 acres of training and maneuver areas, and 6,000 acres of cantonment. Subordinate divisions include the Training Support Division, Range Division, and Plans and Operations Division.

See the Training Support and Scheduling section of this website for more details about training at Fort A.P. Hill.

Training Support Division:
  • Manage the operations and maintenance of all non-live fire training facilities and maneuver areas in support of scheduled training.
    • Provide Training Aids, AV Support, and Graphic Training Aid Support.
    • Monitor training to insure units comply with applicable safety regulations.
  •  Scheduling Office:
  • Schedule all range and training facilities requested by using units in order to meet the training needs of these units.
  • Serve as the central agency for lateral coordination of non-DPTMS support needs such as billets or ration.
Range Division:
  • Coordinate, control and insure the safe operation of all hazardous training / firing activities within the range complex.
  • Serve as the center of expertise for operational risk management planning.
  • Maintain The Range Control Safety Net, Monitor Aviation Flight Operations and provide a communications link for Emergency
  • Develop plans for future range modernization while maintaining
    current facilities and equipment in a 100% FMC status.
  • Provide superior service without compromising established Army and Installation safety regulatory policy or procedure.
Plans/Security Division:
  • Plans – Contingency Planning, Taskings, Mobilization (FAPH Mob Site), EOC Operations, and Recurring Reports and Data Calls
  • Security – Personnel (clearances, briefings, and debriefings), Control of Classified Documents, OPSEC, SAEDA, Foreign Visit Requests, ADP Accreditations
  • Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) – Annual Installation Threat Assessment, AT Exercises, Level I and II Terrorist Awareness Training and Access Controls

Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security
Bldg P01246

Director - 633-8203
Chief, Training Operations - 633-8338
Training & Administration Specialist - 633-8127
Schedulers - 633-8333/8403
Management Assistant - 633-8203
Fax - 633-8406

Plans & Operations/Security Division Building

Chief - 633-8304
Emergency Operations Center - 633-8293
Fax - 633-8264
Training Support Division
Bldg P01253
Chief - 633-8349/633-8408
Training Ammunition Manager - 633-8122/8123
Training Technicians - 633-8349/8408
Training Aids Manager - 633-8349/8408

Information Mgmt Spec – 633-8349

ITAM Program Coordinator – 633-8711

Fax - 633-8378

Range Control
Bldg P01253

Range Officer - 633-8410
Range Operations Officer 633-8758/8748
Aviation Safety Officer – 633-8713
ITAM Coordinator – 633-8175
Range Technicians/Desk –633-8224/8374
Fax - 633-8765


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