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Vehicle Registration


Vehicle and Weapons Registration is mandatory on all military installations and must be
completed within five (5) days of arriving on Fort A.P. Hill.

The Fort A.P. Hill Vehicle Registration Office is dedicated to serving the Fort A.P. Hill
Community. We provide vehicle registration, weapons registration, and temporary
visitor’s passes. It is our goal to maintain 100% accountability of all vehicles and
weapons on Fort A.P. Hill while providing excellent customer service.

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 Weapon Registration Card
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Vehicle Registration Office 

Bldg 156

13 A.P. Hill Drive
Bowling Green, VA 22427

Phone Number: (804) 633-8580/8585

Hours of Operation

Vehicle Registration
Monday - Friday:
Closed Weekends
& Federal Holidays
(804) 633-8580

Vehicle Pass
Vehicle passes are available
7-days-a-week after hours
& weekends

In an effort to expedite the vehicle and weapons registration process, we have provided automated forms for you to submit prior to coming to our office:  

Vehicle Registration Card

Weapon Registration Card

Special Note: To hunters and others desiring to register private weapons, to include bows.

Your privately-owned vehicle(s) and weapon(s) MUST be registered with the Fort A.P. Hill Vehicle Registration Office PRIOR to bringing your weapon(s) on post. Also, when registering your weapon(s), do NOT bring your weapons to the Registration Office.

Once submitted, these forms will remain on file ready for your arrival to our office.

Please be sure to bring the following documentation with you to complete your vehicle registration: 


  • A valid state driver's license.
  • A valid state registration reflecting acquisition of permanent state license plates.
  • Proof of satisfactory completion of a vehicle safely inspection in the state the vehicle is licensed or located.
  • Vehicle owner must present current proof of insurance. At minimum, the proof must show the vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), insurance policy number, policy expiration period, and the identity of the insurance company.
  • A current/valid DoD civilian, military, family member, or contractor identification card. Employees/contractors that aren't issued ID cards must hand carry a memorandum from their employers verifying their employment status and request a vehicle pass.


To register a privately owned motorcycle on Fort A.P. Hill, the owner must have completed an Army approved motorcycle safety course. The course will consist of classroom instruction, hands-on-training, and the successful completion of a written examination. The Fort A.P. Hill Installation Safety Office offers information concerning the motorcycle training course. You can reach them at (804) 633-8268.

Limitations on Iussance of DOD Decals:

  • Vehicles bearing USAREUR or other overseas military license plates will be issued a 30-day temporary registration.

  • Vehicles bearing foreign license plates will not be issued permanent or temporary registration with the exception of foreign liaison officers.

  • Personnel performing duty or employed on Fort A.P. Hill for less than 60 days will be issued a temporary registration.

  • Personnel pending permanent registration will be issued a temporary registration card, not to exceed 45 days.

  • Personnel visiting the installation for less than 60 days will be issued a temporary registration card.

  • Contractor-owned construction equipment designed for off-road use and material handling equipment will not be registered.

  • Vehicles with elevated or lowered rear/front ends are unsafe and will be denied registration.
  • Termination of Vehicle Registration Privileges:
  • The vehicle registration section will be notified within 72 hours of sale or other disposition of a vehicle. Identification decals will be removed from the vehicle prior to its trade, sale, or other disposition.

  • The vehicle registration section will be notified by the owner upon transfer or departure from the installation. Owners must physically remove the decals from their vehicles and present the decal to the vehicle registration section upon clearing.

  • Vehicle Registration Privileges Will Be Terminated When One of the Following Occurs:
  • The owner knowingly permits the use of his/her motor vehicle in the commission of a crime or illegal activity.

  • The owner permits the use of his/her vehicle by an unlicensed driver.

  • The owner has had his/her installation driving privilege or state operator's license suspended or revoked.

  • The owner fails to comply with the registration requirements.

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